How to handle an upswing

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We all have ways to manage a downswing but Dara O’Kearney says you should be just as strategic with how you handle run good.

Dara O’Kearney 

People tend to share tricky hands with me most often when the player in question was on a downswing. It is a natural human trait to have more questions about the hands they lose than the ones they win, because obviously we got the outcome we wanted in the winning hands.

For much of my career it has felt like an upswing, because I specialised in satellites which by their very nature are low variance.

I also spent a lot of my career focussing on smaller field tournaments which I think really helps your mental game and handling downswings.

Lower your variance to handle swings

If you play 200-300 runner tournaments instead of 1,000+ field tournaments, you are going to make the final table much more often. You will get steadier results, you will learn how to play all the tough end game spots and you don’t have to endure yearlong downswings like some players do.

I often get questions from players on downswings, I rarely get questions from player on upswings. In fact it is very rare that people even discuss how to handle upswings, even though it is very easy to get overconfident, play too high and develop lazy habits.

This week we discussed how to handle upswings with online MTT beast Bryan Paris on the latest episode of The Chip Race. He is a consummate professional and one of the few players who continues to work on his game when he is running well, as he is this year.

Take a shot at your education

Dara O Kearney
A good run is the best time to invest in your education

The first piece of advice I would give to players on an upswing is to remember that they end. If you allow an upswing to let you feel invincible at the tables then it is only going to make the inevitable downswing feel that much worse. Enjoy it but remember it will end.

The second thing I would say is that an upswing really is the time you should be working on your game, both mental and technical. Very few people do this and if nothing else it’s a good way to develop an edge on your peers.

If you think about it, an upswing is the perfect time to work more on your game away from the tables. You will be in a better more energised mood and much more receptive to new information. When you are on a downswing you question every spot and focus on the hands that went badly the night before, but when you are on an upswing you will have a much more holistic approach to learning.

A lot of players use the padded bankroll an upswing provides to take shots at bigger games and I am definitely an advocate of that, if you do it strategically with stop losses. A calculated shot at a bigger game is a legitimate bankroll strategy and the best way to potentially move up the stakes.

I would also say, however, that an upswing is the best time to take a bit of that extra bankroll and take a shot at improving your education. Use a little bit of that extra money to buy a book, training course, solver software or coaching with a professional player. You will get much more out of it at a time when it is much easier to justify the cost.

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