News: Moshman on heads-up

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We have the man who wrote the book on heads-up in our school so we have to share some of Collin Moshman’s best heads-up videos.

Whether it is at the end of an MTT, Spin & Go or in a regular HUSNG, you need to play heads-up well to profit in poker. Our SNG Guru CollinMoshman thankfully has literally written a book on heads-up poker and today we are highlighting some of his best videos:

A good place to start is this video on beating micro stakes HUSNGs. 

Click to watch the video

More heads-up videos from Collin

poker video

HU post flop

This is where the money is made in poker so you have to master it

poker video


It doesn’t get much more niche than this fast action format


HU in 9-mans

If you play SNGs you’ll get heads-up often, so make sure you learn it


HUSNG players types

How to adjust to recreationals and regulars in HUSNGs

You can learn more about Collin and ask him questions directly about his videos in his Sit ‘N’ Go Crushers Academy thread here at 

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